Cost schedule

For those who are planning to visit Southamerica, we put together a cost schedule to give you an overview of the estimated expenses.


UPDATE 2013: Please consider that there was a huge rise in prices especially in Argentina and Brasil. Prices from Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Chile are still quite reliable.

We spent about 7500 US-$ per person in 4 months excluding the flight which was another 2000 US-$ from Graz (Austria) via Frankfurt (Germany) to Buenos Aires (Argentina) including insurance.


The following considerations must be taken into account:

  • We had only one intercontinental flight
  • we took the more comfortable (Cama) busses whenever possible (saving potential: 30-40 %)
  • we chose more often than not doubles with private bathroom (saving potential: 30-50 %)
  • we almost never did the cooking but ate at restaurants (saving potential: 60-80%)
  • we almost never went out so this cost schedule does not include party expenses.

This page gives an overview of how much we spent. If you scroll down, you will find cost schedules of the specific countries


All data provided in following tables refers to the total expenses (=two persons). On the pages of the respective country, the expenses are indicated per person.


"cooking?": self-prepared meals per day (when we did not eat out!)

"other": souvenirs, postcards, water, sweets, Internet, laundry, pharmacy, cafe, tips;

Country Days Hotel Transport Tours Meals cooking other
Bolivia 19 150€ 300€ 490€ 200€ 0x 380€
Brazil 11 190€ 160€ 260€ 160€ 1x 100€
Chile 11 160€ 120€ 330€ 130€ 1x 60€
Peru 35 265€ 380€ 800€ 380€ 0x 530€
Argentina 32 370€ 740€ 610€ 390€ 0x-1x 880€
Ecuador 14 170€ 70€ 400€ 120€ 0x 130€


There are huge differences in prices between Patagonia and the northwest of Argentina (about 20-40% cheaper). The currency is the Peso(AR$). One US-$ is at the moment (2009) 3,85 AR$.


Price Notes
AR$ 40-50 Hostal - Dorm in Patagonia (PPPN)

AR$ 30-50 Hostal - double
in the Northwest, Buenos Aires
Food AR$ 20-40
Restaurant a la carte
AR$ 20 set menu
~80% supermarket (compared to Austria)
Travel AR$ 200-250 night bus (Cama)
AR$ 100 day (Semi-Cama)
AR$ 1-3 public transport
Tour AR$ 60 bike rental (per person per day)
(in San Carlos de Bariloche)
AR$ 35 bike rental (per person per day) (in Cordoba)
AR$ 100 Tour Top of the Andes
Tour Los Gigantes
(in Mendoza)
(in Cordoba)
AR$ 140 Tour Cafayate (in Salta)
AR$ 60 entrance fee Iguazu falls
(in Puerto Iguazu)
other AR$ 1-2 1 hour Internetcafe
AR$ 0,8 picture developement 15x10 (in Cordoba)
AR$ 100 dinner with Tango-Show (in Buenos Aires)

You have to include the following in your calculations:

- tips

- water

- sweets

- souvenirs

- breakfast (if not included - always ask!)

- laundry

- postcards and stamps


The brasilian cities on the Atlantic coast are almost as expensive as Austria. One US-$ is about 1,77 Brasilian Reals (BRL)


Price Notes
BRL 25
Hostal - Dorm (in Rio de Janeiro)

BRL 33
Hotel - double
(in Curitiba)
Food BRL 12
Restaurant a la carte
BRL 10
set menu
~100% supermarket (compared to Austria)
Travel BRL 120
night bus (Cama)
BRL 100 day (Semi-Cama)
BRL 1-2 public transport
Tour BRL 20 Day-Ticket Sightseeingbus (in Curitiba)
BRL 10 Ferry to the island Paqueta
(in Rio de Janeiro)
BRL 13 Entrance fee Christ the Redeemer (statue) (in Rio de Janeiro)
BRL 65 Favelatour (in Rio de Janeiro)
BRL 44 Cablecar on the Sugarloaf Mountain
(in Rio de Janeiro)
BRL 70 guided soccer game
(in Rio de Janeiro)
other BRL 0,5 1 hour internetcafe (in Cordoba)
BRL 15 day on the beach (without food) (parasol, deckchair, public transport, ice cream etc.)


In Chile there is again a difference between north and south. It is more expensive south of the capital Santiago. In the North and in the captial the prices were surprisingly reasonable


The currency is theChilean peso (CLP), one US-$ is about 550 CLP.


Price Notes
CLP 12000
Hostal - Dorm (in San Pedro)

6000 -12000
Hostal - double
(in Arica bzw. Santiago)
Food CLP 5000
Restaurant a la carte
CLP 4000
set menu
(in San Pedro)
~80% supermarket (compared to Austria)
Reisen CLP 42000
night bus (Cama)
CLP 10000
day (Semi-Cama)
CLP 400 Underground / Subway
(in Santiago)
Tour CLP 80000 2 half days horesriding wit camping und BBQ (in Santiago)
CLP 25000 Geoglyphs - Tour
(in San Pedro)
CLP 20000 day trip San Lauca nationalpark (in Arica)
CLP 2000 entrance fee archelogical museu (in Arica)
other CLP 500 1 hour Internetcafe

CLP 450 one way ticket share taxi
(in Arica)


Prices in Peru are usually very low, with one exception: the popular tourist destination Cusco. Only the Cama busses are expensive in relation to the average consumer prices.


The currency is the Peruvian nuevo sol (PEN), one US-$ is about 2,9 PEN.


Price Notes
PEN 10-15
Hostal - Dorm  

PEN 15-25
Hostal - double
Food PEN 20-25
Restaurant a la carte  
  PEN 3-5
set menu
  ~40% supermarket (compared to Austria)
Travel PEN 140
night bus (Cama)  
  PEN 20
day (local bus)  
  PEN 5 one-way ticket Collectivo (2h) (in Huaraz)
Tour PEN 140 3-day-trip Colca-Canyon (in Arequipa)
  US-$ 90 Santa-Cruz-Trek
(in Huaraz)
  PEN 30 half-day trip Chan-Chan (in Trujillo)
  US-$ 200 five days Salkantaytrek including Machu Picchu (in Cusco)

PEN 100
day-trip Cusco - Puno including meals and entrance fees

PEN 75
two days trip Lake Titicaca
(in Puno)

PEN 30-40
day-trip Sacred Valley (without meals) (in Cusco)
other PEN 140
Tourist-Boleto for Cusco and surrounding area to visit archelogical sites
(in Cusco)


Prices in Ecuador are really low, official currency is the US-$. Be careful, there is a lot of counterfeit money in circulation! If plan to stay longer, buy a "detector pen".



Price Notes
US$ 10-15
upper class hotel -double

US$ 5
Hotel - double
Food US$ 3
Restaurant a la carte
US$ 1
set menu
~30% supermarket (compared to Austria)
Travel ----
night bus (Cama) not available!
US$ 12
day (local bus)
US$ 3 Taxi trip (half hour)
Tour US$ 10 day-trip devil's nose (in Riobamba)
US-$ 180 Climbing tour Chimborazo (including guide, equippment, food etc.)
(in Riobamba)
US$ 20 Birdwatching (half day) (in Mindo)
US$ 12 Canoping (2-3 hours) (in Mindo)

US$ 55
day-trip Isla de la Plata
(in Puerto Lopez)

other US$ 10 Import-sun block
(in Puerto Lopez)

US$ 10 tooth paste
(in Puerto Lopez)


Prices in Bolivia are low as well. Only the tourist destinations like Uyuni or the upper-class districts of La Paz are a bit more expensive.


Currency is the Boliviano (BOB), one US-$ is about 7 BOB (Note, there are fluctuations in exchange rates!)



Price Notes
BOB 50
Hotel - double

BOB 30
Hostal - double
Food BOB 20-40
Restaurant a la carte
BOB 10
set menu
~20% supermarket (compared to Austria)
Travel ----
night bus (Cama) not available!
BOB 50
day (local bus)
BOB 60 Taxi (La Paz - airport)
BOB 45
night train
(Uyuni - Tupiza)
Tour US$ 90 3-day-trip salt flats (excluding entrance fees of about 15 US-$)
(in Uyuni)
BOB 5 entrance fee museum or zoo
(in Oruro)
BOB 600

3-day-trip pampas or

2-day trip jungle

(in Rurrenabaque)

other BOB 140
(in La Paz)

BOB 40
hospital + X-ray

(in Tupiza)